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I also stand by the MB-20 grip to make it a short wheel base F4.
I really want to do a well exposed series of slides. I am secure in the theory that the F4 will do what I want, reasonably easily. The MF-23 is a very interesting device, but it is expensive even on Ebay. I'm seeing them averaging over $100.00. I really do need a MB-20 to cut down the weight. MB-20s seem to be running about the cost of a MF-23.

Packing a M4-P with a 50mm a 35mm and a Sekonic meter (which I'm used to) is somewhat lighter than a F4 with the MB-21. Gotta cut back the weight.

I tried the F4S already with a 300mm lens and was surprised at the lack of vibration. I'm not sure how this translates to what I've done as I don't have the negs back yet.