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No surprises, Steve. Sorry your efforts didn't prevail. I'm not even going to try a color 8x20 group order. In fact, I resolved to buying an 8x10 camera rather than a 5x12 or larger 3 or 4 weeks ago because I know 135, 120, 4x5, and 8x10 are going to be the last contendors standing in the color film arena. Within the next few months I'll be looking to buy a used 8x10 Canham Traditional for its 10 inchs of rear shift... for stitching two shifted images.
I purchased William Corey's 10x10 Durst enlarger a number of years ago and he mentioned to me that he had a talented computer technician in Boulder Colorado that would take his 8x10 color negatives and stitch them together for 8x20 and they looked great. FInishing our conversation about the enlarger purchase I asked him about a purchase of 8x20 color film and he told that Kodak was not interested in it and the price that they gave him was prohibitively expensive but consistent with their lack of interest. He may it sound like it was a no go but if something happened before or after this I am not sure. I came away from the conversation with the impression that he had put two sheets of readily attainable 8x10 color film in his 8x20 holders and let his computer jockey do his thing.

William was a genius and a marvelous human being. His photography left me speechless.