There's a no-reserve MF-23 on Ebay now, item 290403481323. You gotta be in it to win it, you never know

For the MB-20, do the same, keep your eyes peeled and you never know, you might just get a bargain, look look look. I did, and I got a bargain, here in Australia even, and it didn't take too long! First I found & got one at a reasonable price (not cheap, but OK), then shortly after a little old man in the suburbs was selling his F4 WITH the MB-20, got that for a relative song too because the body has a liiiiiiiiiiiittle crack in it. You have so much more choice in Nth America, can't believe you won't get one at an OK price soon enough. One will pop up - pounce on it! Now that I have one I'd never bother with an F4S again, it makes that much of a difference. It makes it.... hmm, well, comfortable.