Thanks for the update and hope Nymoc will be able to fulfill your needs. Let us know if you get your silver nitrate from them, and keep us in the loop on your emulsion work...


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Hi All,

A quick update. Nymoc Chemicals (thanks Clarence!) was the only supplier I contacted that seems willing to accommodate my request. I am close enough to TO that a trip to pick up the chemicals in person is my best bet, however, fellow Canadians who are outside of Ontario might still be able to order with shipping via Purolator. I am sure there are probably other sources for these materials in Canada, so if anyone knows of any, please add them to this thread (but please, only if you have CONFIRMED that they will sell/send to individuals in Canada). Sorry if this post seems a bit Canada-centric, but it seems as though our options for sourcing some materials are more limited than our neighbours to the south, particularly for personal/hobbyist use!

As best I can tell, Silver Nitrate cannot be shipped from the US to Canada. This includes the photoformulary website, and the "cjchemical" ebay store.

In addition (as I mentioned in my original post) some Canadian chemical supply stores will not sell to individuals. The places I checked include Anachemia and Boreal/Northwest.

Also, thanks to those who posted the information regarding the process of making Silver Nitrate... very interesting, though I am hoping to avoid that complication if possible.