I find a good test is to hang or lean it in a prominent place so you will pass it and look at it many times a day in different light and while experiencing different moods. Alternatively, put two which might be 'competing' side by side and let them fight it out in full gaze.

Time is also a good test but we can't always afford to wait. I was recently going through some prints made 8-10 years ago and my overwhelming response was, man, what a lot of crap! The thing is we are always (hopefully) learning and growing but as of this moment we are where we are and we can't wish our work into being 'better' than it is although we might know or sense 'better' is possible. We have to put in the miles so to speak.

I wouldn't fret too much. If it is possible for others to create their own story from the image itself then use it. They may connect in a way you can't predict or imagine.