I think I'm either a very good editor or slightly delusional because I have never returned months, years later to a photo I liked and found that it was less than impressive. However, I do the opposite all the time: find overlooked gems and wonder what I missed about them the first time.

However, just because I have never doubted the dynamic of a shot that made it past my edits, doesn't mean other people don't! On more than one occasion, I've had friends or family tell me they love my photography, want to buy a print, blah blah...and then I sit through the agony of watching them flip through all my shots and not come up with something they would actually take. Part of the problem is I don't tend to shoot more universal subjects, I do a lot of travel, street & documentary. People can appreciate those shots on a certain level, but not want to hang them in their homes. It goes back to what keithwms says...I know what was there when I recorded the shot, and the scene has meaning for me. Someone else can love the photo in one sense, but still feel like...that's her travel memory or her subway ride to work, why would I want that on my wall?