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For the MB-20, do the same, keep your eyes peeled and you never know, you might just get a bargain, look look look. I did, and I got a bargain, here in Australia even, and it didn't take too long!
Yup, very much the same here. In fact, I got both MB-20s and MF-23s *before* I got the second F4 body! The price was so good I just pounced!
As for the batteries: I use lithiums and/or rechargeable ones, no problems whatsoever. Of course: I rewind manually, as I like to leave the tip of the film out.

I've heard somewhere it's possible to modify a F4 to leave the tip out but quite frankly, couldn't be bothered. One interesting thing I found out this way: the F4 counts the frames back when rewinding! Has anyone had any bad experiences with film registration on prior frames in multiple exposures?

I used to do multiples by rewinding on a Nikon F, they are absolutely precise: one revolution of the little red dot is exactly one frame. Wonder if the F4 will do the same...