I grew up on an OM1 and I am sure I will have one again sometime in my life. I recently got really interested in getting one, then my brother got me a Nikon FE.

You can get an FM or FE in bargain for $105 at KEH, and use your Nikons lenses. That is cheaper than the OM10 bodies I see.

Also, you can get some nice glass inexpensively for the Nikon. I really like the 100mm F2.8 series E lens (about $53 in Bargain).

Don't get into the mode of collecting, though. Put your money and efforts into making photographs. Buy lots of film and pay for processing. When you are older and stuck at work most of the time, you can spend a lot of time daydreaming (obsessing) about your next camera purchase. Not that I have any experience with that...