I have had very nice follow-up correspondence from Jon Mided today as well checking I am fully satisfied which I am but it would seem that either Paypal was creating problems for a variety of transactions last night and not just those using Digitaltruth or the link with Paypal and Digitaltruth maybe isn't set up to be UK user friendly and it is confusing customers.

A pity for Digitaltruth if this is the case as many on trying the Paypal route and then getting into a muddle might simply abandon the transaction. Result = lost sale for Digitaltruth and lost bargain for customer.

Any doubts I may have had that low stocks on the 400 rolls was sales-speak have been dispelled and I think that anyone wanting a roll should be quick. Incidentally one roll is 4.95 p&p but 2 rolls only add another 1 so if you think that you can use 2 rolls in the foreseeable future then it makes sense to order 2 at the same time.