I'm wondering by what means you frame and establish your point for the decisive moment (primarily for large format). Today I was out and about, photographing old water tanks, cows, and oak trees. I drive down the road until something catches my eye and then I stop by the road, get out, and wonder about until I find the right spot. I move a little this way and that to enhance the composition as much as posibble. I view the scene through a viewing filter and/or a piece of matt board cut as a frame. I figure the exact spot to place the camera and the lens before I start to set up: Otherwise it is too hard to haul that monster about and view everything. After I've set up and focus, I meter and expose and go on my merry way. It might take 2 or 3 minutes, it might take 30 minutes and fail. I seldom wait for light, for if I do, I know that I'm missing it somewhere else. If I get all ready to go and I think it is a dud, sometimes I will not waste the film, but sometimes I figure I've spent the time and here goes nothing. I usually only make one exposure.

Is it something like this for others? Do you use a frame, viewing filter, or other? Do you shoot the film no matter what after a certain point? Do you make more than one exposure.