Hello to All,
For Some time now, I have been blabing on this Forum that I am working on a Silver-Halide emulsion without gelatin. I have now solved the last known problem with my formuls, which was bubbles upon drying.
First, I must apologize for the fact that I can not disclose the nature of the "gelatin substitute", as it is covered by a Confidentiality Agreement which I have with a company which, I hope, will manufacture and market it. Also, there is a processing step in the making of the actual emulsion that I will, for now, keep confidential.
I will mention the following:
1) This is a glass negative emulsion.
2)The emulsion contains no animal or plant derivatives,such as gelatin,gums or startches.
3) The emulsion is an Ag/Br/I emulsion
4) Once the "gelatin substitute" is in hand, the emulsion is VERY simple and easy to make.
5) Without S or Au sensitizers the ISO is 40. With S and Au sensitizers the ISO is about 320.
6)The images I have attached are blue sensitive only. Making an Ortho Emulsion is easily done with adition of the green sensitive emulsion that PE has recommended, SDE3006. Or,alternatively, I could have added erythrosine prior to percipitation. All this is not speculation. I have actualy done these things with earlier makes of the same formula. Within the next couple of days, I will post images of the faster emulstion and of the ortho emulsion.
7) The emulsion looks and coats much like a silver/gelatin emulsion,EXCEPT that it dosn't set-up like gelatin. It must actualy dry in the dark. This takes about 3 to 8 hours with hardener, which is glyoxal.