I’m offering for sale my Fuji G690BL rangefinder camera, with standard 100mm f/3.5 Fujinon. This is the original “Texas Leica”, heavy metal edition. It’s built like a tank, weighs just about as much, and is as useful for self-defense as it is for taking pictures.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Fuji G690 series, you’ll find everything you could want to know and more at this excellent site:


As is pretty common with these cameras, this one is well battered cosmetically – I’ll call it “ugly”. There’s a large dent in the top cover above the viewfinder, and much wear and tear in the finish all around. The same is true of the lens barrel. The glass in the lens looks very clean on a quick glance. However, if you open the shutter and look through the lens, you can see some cleaning marks on the front element.

But, but, but, and another but: functionally it’s not bad at all. As best I can tell, all of the mechanical functions are in working order. The viewfinder is bright and clear; the rangefinder patch is crisp and calibration is either on target or very close to it. The finder frame lines adjust as they should with focus distance. The shutter works at all speeds and the film advance is fine. The shutter release is reasonably smooth but requires fairly high pressure. The shutter goes off with a distinct “ping” – not so loud as the “snap” of the later fixed-lens Fujis, and more entertaining too.

I’ve put a test roll of color neg through it. Despite the cleaning marks on the lens, on-film results were fine.

I bought this during a GAS attack and have had fun tinkering with it, but other toys have since captured my attention and this has been sitting idle for a while. So it’s time to put it in the hands of someone who will use it, and clear my cabinet space for other things.

Taking into account the condition and the general squishiness of the market, I’m offering this at a recession-special price of $275, which will include shipping in the lower 48 plus a generic screw-in front cap to protect the lens in transit.