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When I first started out in the 60's I used a Yankee Clipper tank, it was easy. I now use SS tanks and reels, because thats what I'm used to. I think its just a matter of what you practice on and become used to using. I dont think there's a hill of beans difference when you are doing one or two rolls at a time. Pick one, practice, and stop fretting, just DO IT. If you need tanks, I have both plastic and SS for sale. As for plastic, I have both Patterson System 4 and a universal two reel that is just as good. Look them up in the classified, I'll ship anywhere.

Hi Rick, thanks for your reply.

No thanks, i will buy it new by myself, i don't need to buy from others, i can afford them and they are not expensive at all, i was even going to buy both the plastic and the SS, but i tried to be more wisely in buying and ask here before i decide on one, but seems it is a matter of preference, each can be used perfectly if someone knows how to use any, so i will go with any of them and use it to what it should be for the job, just there is always time before i pull a trigger on something to ask and see the reviews, maybe next time i should ask much about what to choose on anything, because different people will give me different answers and all are right of what they answered.