The Ikoflex made by Zeiss is much more of an old classic camera. I do not know if any were made with coated lenses. Are the lenses colored? All I can really judge is that they are long off the market..I do not know its reliability or value. I believe that an enthusiast would enjoy owning an old camera such as this but depending upon it to give good service or in finding repair parts I can only state "lots of luck to you". The Yashica would be of more modern vintage but I would guess it to be at least 25+ years old. Most likely it will give good photos and service. If it needs repair parts it too will be a problem and perhaps not economically feasible to repair. If you can possibly swing it, I would advise getting A Rolleiflex. They are classy, dependable, highly competent picture taking machines that are very highly evolved. Parts can be found and I have seen the prices continuing to rise...never decline...over 40+ years. They can be very economically feasible to repair.

If you cannot afford a Rolleiflex that is in good shape made from 1960-2005
and the photos are what are important to you, get a Yashica...Minolta Autocord is also a very nice camera.