1-i've found that 4x5 is not that bigger leap in quality than my beloved 6x7 mamiya, but so much bulkier.
2-i don't usually need lens/film movements for my kind of work, in fact i believe movements are the most overrated stuff about LF, if you're somekind of geometric junkie and work with perspectives all time maybe, but it's not the case of 96% of photographers i know.
3-i don't need separate process for each picture, i end with 10 to 100 pictures of the same work/motif with same iso/camera/developing settings so roll film makes more sense to my style.
4-i realized that the type of LF photography, or at least the look i was trying to achieve and admire about other photographers is not shot with 4x5, it's actually 8x10. That softness, color palette and gradation is miles away of 4x5.
5-i've got some serious back injuries recently.
6-ain't got any 4x5 enlarger or space to set one in my new apartment.

i'll miss wide angle photography though, i have my own freaking theory about lenses: "any lens in any format lower than 85mm/90mm is bullshit"

But i encourage anyone to give it a try and discover if it's your thing, it's not mine, at least not now.
BTW the outfit is already sold.