Perhaps I am too skeptical, but I am un-convinced.

I don't like being unpopular, but despite risking being hated by everyone, I feel the rxn here has been way too positive!

There has been a lot of work on gelatin substitutes... I have several entire volumes on the research right here, and many of them attained or claimed to attain some degree of success. The problem is how they compare to the best gelatin emulsions... at the same grain size... ease of manufacture, and their usefulness with different treatments that one may wish to subject them to..

Non-gelatin emulsions are not new. As AgX mentoned, they have even seen commercial daylight, but at least in the case I heard about, it was later discontinued due to problems that eventually surfaced.

However, I do not want to discourage you! On the contrary, I, being a vegetarian, am very interested in success in this area. The real question is how does it compare to the best gelatin emulsions that can be made.

The fact that you have entered a CA limits the usefulness of any thing you do, unless you are wildly successful... and even then, without the details of the process, I doubt I would benefit from your process.

(Yes-I know you are not doing this for my benefit. But we must look at this in the larger scheme of things... for whom is your effort going and what lasting benefit will it provide to the field?)

Again, sorry for being the sour lemon in your water glass; I hope we can still be friends.