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I recall PE saying something about how the quality of gelatin that's available doesn't allow for fast film speeds. A few weeks ago I remember remembering this and thinking, "well then, why not use something other than gelatin?" Good to know that someone with the ability and knowledge to use that idea thought of it first. Fantastic stuff.

You mentioned that this emulsion was coated on glass plates. Is it possible to coat the same stuff onto a film base or instead?
This is a misquote. Today's gelatins do allow for high film speed, but you must choose the right gelatin and add the Sulfur and Gold in the right proportions and in a separate step. In the early days of emulsion making, the sulfur was present as an impurity in gelatin and gave the speed in one concerted operation but today it is controlled and done in a separate operation.

The gelatin from the Photographers Formulary is a very highly purified bone gelatin made by Eastman Kodak for emulsion making. Other fine gelatins come from Rousselot in France and the Gelita division of Kind and Knox in the US.