Hi AgX;Ray and thisismyname09,
I have not tried this emulsion on film. Most of my love of photography is intimately tied to glass. I will leave the film to those who are more interested in it. But I will get around to doing a few tests, just for info.
Ray and AgX,
My answere to AgX's question and to Ray's very valid points are very subjective. There probably is no great advantage to substituting synthetics for gelatin (unless you are a cow or pig). I like to know what I am working with, and my inquiries into the nature of gelatin have not satisfied my curiosity. If anyone has any refferences which adress, in a definative manner, the nature of gelatin, I am currious.
Why did I start this thread? Simply because I wanted people to know what I have been doing for all this time. There is no "Great Grand Plan". The reason that my "Gelatin Subsitute" is covered by a CA is that it is usefull for processes much less complex than emulsion making.
Ray, of course we are "still friends". Actualy, I am surprised that something like your post did not appear within an hour of my starting this thread.