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Almost every old shutter I've had was repaired by simply dripping some lighter fluid on the blades and working the shutter.
Same thing as naphtha but I've read that lighter fluid sometimes has other ingredients. But the smallest can of naphtha I've found is a US quart and cost $8US off the shelf from a harware store paint department. The bright side is the quart will clean LOTS of shutters.

This method does often resolve the problem completely... at least for awhile... but a "true CLA" is the "best" option provided the shop is "honest enough" to do a "true CLA" at a "reasonable price". How many/which shops will do a "true CLA" at a "reasonable price"? I don't know but I suspect many will simply dip in naphtha and charge for a CLA. But... I have a severe "trust issue" reinforced by too many screwings. :rolleyes:

The above is NOT to impugn any of the companies mentioned in this thread. I've had no dealings with them. Even so... the only time I trust someone is when I'm constantly watching over their shoulder whilst holding onto my wallet.