Thanks for the feedback Jim and Steve. I fully plan to make them available if all works well. So far, so good and I think they are going to stand up well. I've poured many plates through a few of the prototypes and all are working so far without a hitch. I'm just completing a whole plate version that will ship early this week. Unfortunately I have no whole plate camera to test on, but I don't see why the design should fail on a smaller holder.

My plan is to make them in advance so that people don't have to wait for a long period when they order. I've also seen too many people get backed-up and get into trouble taking orders and getting overwhelmed. This way they will be shipped on order. The other thing is keeping the price down. They are pretty labor intensive at this point and even though I want to keep the cost below what I've seen custom ones go for, it is hard to make that worthwhile ... yet. It takes about 10 hours from start to finish at this point. Even though it is definitley more efficient to do several at once like I've been doing, it is still a lot of work. The plan is to have the parts milled so that assembly will be less labor intensive in the future. It's been a great winter project for me, but I'd rather give someone a job anyway. Even if it is only for a couple days at a time!

For now though I am still planning to keep them well under the 400.00 - 500.00 I have seen and heard custom builds costing. Still sounds steep, I know, but it is not likely that demand will be enough to manufacture these on a grand enough scale to make them significantly less.

Thanks again for the feedback as I really appreciate it. I'll keep you posted.