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My guess is that it would in a way. If you arn't buying it from a dealer, that dealer is not re-stocking their supply, therefore they are not buying from the film company so there is no new films sales.
But as long as the dealer is still carrying film, film is still being sold. A dealer can't sell expired film without discounting it/disclaiming it. So they're selling it for less, *or* they're selling it to eBay-type wholesalers who provide a bulk option for them to dump expired film rather than sell in the boxes of 5 on eBay themselves. The dealer then replaces the expired stock with fresh stuff. The key is whether dealers are still carrying it - I agree, it's a lost cause if the film is on eBay because the dealer's no longer carrying that film.

Just know that even if you're buying on eBay, demand/supply still works its way up the chain to the manufacturer. And the secondary market may even be helping things, because it means that dealers with expired film don't have to dump it for $0. They can potentially recoup something close to the wholesale price of the film. Which makes the economics of carrying film better in the first place.