I have had great fun, and good success, with my Canonet. I like the fact that it is quiet and the optics seem to be very good. It is a big bonus that it is fairly cheap so if it gets lost or stolen, I will miss the film probably more than the camera.

I kept it loaded with Tmax3200 for the hospital stay with my first baby. It worked very well--people don't seem to take notice of it. I attribute this to (1) it is very quiet, (2) I didn't need a flash and (3) no one takes it seriously, so they act more natural.

The downsides I have are: (1) the focus is a bit clumsy for me with that little tab and (2) I don't have a lot of confidence in my ability to focus, so I keep the lens stopped down more than I probably need to and (3) the highest ASA for the meter is only 800.

I looked at the new Bessa's (at least the reports of them online). They don't seem to be quiet. Leica's I fear are out of my price range.

1) Olympus rangefinder (RC?)
2) leica clone?

1) Hexar (with the stealth mode)
2) Nikon t35

any comments on these or other suggestions?

Thanks a lot,