I use a Schneider Macro 120mm HM Symmar with 5x4, and used in conjunction with a Maxwell HI-LUX Ultra Brilliant Matt 4.7 focussing screen gives a bright image. I think the Schneider lenses are slightly brighter and easier to focus than the Rodenstocks, though this may be a subjective experience derived from my own lenses. I consider the DOF, stopped down within the optimum range, at a magnification of 3x to offer a few millimeters of sharp focus. With macro lenses you will get much better results than either reversing a lens or using a close-up lens. If you shop around, you can buy a Macro lens in good condition for a few hundred pounds. I paid around £400 for a mint Schneider last year.

I can extend my magnification by mounting the lens on a top hat and using Ebony's extension back which gives me an extra 90mm draw to my camera's bellows 365mm draw. The top hat adds an extra 35mm draw to that.