i just don't get it.
To me ebay fresh film is way way more expensive than freestyle/bh or european fujilab/maco.
It has been almost 4 years since i'm buying all of my film outside spain, usually germany or usa. And i always check ebay prices before purchasing, there hasn't been even one time i got a better deal with ebay sellers.
In the other hand i also dont get the point to buy expired film. I know that there are some emulsions that were just magic and we lost them forever without any subtitute (polaroid 55 for example, polaroid 8x10) but leftovers of those films are museum items, but buying someone else expired film for your precious pictures, ? and take chances to buy something completly fogged?, i dont get it. I shoot expired film also, but it's my expired film and i know where and how has been stored.
There are plenty of cheap film companies in the market with plenty of enogh quality to work with from 35mm to 8x10 film, maybe it doesnt has kodak on it but is more reliable than a yellow expired box.