There is intentional art - I bring the biiiig kit (4x5 and ALL the stuff that goes with it) Or the portrait kit - the Rollei SL66 and collection of Zeiss Lenses // accidental art - there is a TLR in the jeep that can take good enough to frame photos if I do my job. // And then there is the quickie capture that is never intended to go bigger than 5x7 print. That would be the Contax RTS and the collection of Zeiss lenses //

Then there is where only a pocket camera will do. The Rollei 16. Zeiss Tessar (25mm) - 16mm format - adjustable focus and auto exposure with NO BATTERY. It uses quaint little flash bulbs $1 each and no longer made and is really fun to use (like James Bond) -- the Minolta 16 II is even more compact and the Rokkor lens is superb but it is fixed focus - so you get what you get. - either way - it is fun - and sometimes the grainly little suckers maker really cool images - at no bigger than 5x7. - Frank