I am a student and have been learning the ropes of 35mm photography with my father's Canon AE1 kit for the last year or so. Im looking for two new cameras- an entry level 6x6 TLR and a Canon T90.

I would like to try medium format and figure a TLR would be a good place to start. Does anyone have a yashicamat 124(g) or a mamiya c220/330 or something comparable for sale? I'm looking for something that works for less than $175 - but price really depends on model/condition.

I am interested in the Canon T90 because it would give me more features and be compatible with the lenses that I have. Does anyone have a body in good working condition (no EEE error)? Again, price depends on condition.

Thanks for a great site guys, I have been lurking for a while now.