I have the following lens available to anyone in continental US willing to just pay for shipping.

1) Prinz f/3.5 f=50mm (appears to be an enlarger lens with 39mm mount)
2) Jhagee Anast Exaktar 1:3.5 f=5.4cm (I'm not sure what it is... finer thread pitch than the usual enlarger mount, but does appear to be 39mm)
3) Beslar f/3.5 f=50mm with a plastic cap (definitely an enlarger lens)

They are both in pretty bad shape and are offered for PARTS ONLY. They are not meant to be usable as offered. Bodies are scratched. Elements are dusty inside and out, and quite possibly some of the dust are actually fungus. Some have obvious fungus damage inside. Apertures appears to function.

I'm offering these for free + shipping instead of tossing them just in case someone wants them for parts.