Iíve been extremely remiss in that I havenít commented about any of the fine cards Iíve received in this round. As penance, I give you the following:

Ben Taylor - Brass Lions-great angle, and nice contrast in tone
BirgerA - Stuffed Animals - the eyes are following me
Black Dog - In a Silent Way-like the shape, and love the textures
bmccarthy007 - Broken but not shattered-a fitting tribute. Brian, Iím sorry for your loss
Christopher Walrath - Sunset & Storm-great sunset and a fortuitous detour
crispinuk - Glen Coe Plantation-a study in trees and textures - something Iím particularly fond of
Denis K - Badlands Valley-an impressive shot with wonderfully subtle colour
drpsilver - Barn, Curry Lane, Napa-intriguing
karl burke - Fionaís Eye-can I say "eye catching"? -beautiful print too
kraker - Kitchen 1-always like these "found" images-the mundane can be interesting
lorirfrommontana - Jeepster Commando-nice Jeep Lori, and well pinted
markrewald - Colorado Capital Building-another very good use of IR sensitive film-there is something wonderfully political about the dark capital building surrounded by brilliance
MattKing - Overpass-I always send one to myself
Mick Fagan - Trail Bike-the bike and rider in the foreground is great, but the other rider watching makes this for me
mike c - So. Cal Sleigh Bells-so much detail and texture in a small print
mooseontheloose - The Golden Pavillion-beautiful image, Rachelle, and wonderful use of HIE
OMU - La Maccina-really like the textures on the car and the adjacent clothing
ozphoto - Camrick Hill-very nice print of a tranquil scene
polyglot - Lesmurdie Falls II-a great transition from hard rocks to mist
Rob Skeoch - Dusty Bikes in the Alley-great image of old bikes
rst - Dances - Diaper on Light Table-wins award for "best photographic use of a diaper" - and a pinhole image as well
rtbadman - Navajo Reservation-really like the feeling of "alone"
sage - barbershop-interesting way to separate forground and background
sly - Speed Graphic-like finding a long lost treasure-love the colour
Tim Gray - Tsukiji tuna-nice and tasty!-great way to initiate a new darkroom
tocalosh - Sadhu (Hindu holy man)-mysterious
wazza - Notre-Dame stairwell-wonderfully sculpted light

I look forward to the 6 cards that are yet to come from:

(david b, Eric Mac, KingJon, Lynda, Roger Bulcock, rwyoung)

Thanks to everyone for their patience and for participating.