Joining the FB Novices Club here... I've been reading all the thread and, since ferrotyping is not an option at the moment, I am looking for some more bread and butter solution.
I tried ironing with a clothes iron today, putting the test print (Ilford Multigrade FB glossy) between two cotton sheets... Well, I ironed for some minutes, cotton setting, but the print is possibly a bit curlier than at the beginning of the treatment. Any inputs?
The print was COMPLETELY dry, shall I do this while the print is still damp?

Another question: I have a glass table in my darkroom area. I've read that a good practice is squeegeeing the print on glass and letting it dry face down. Are we sure that the emulsion won't stick to the glass? What about letting the print dry between two panes of glass? Too little air to dry the print?

Lots of questions, sorry... Forgive me, but it seems like I got the processing right enough, it feels stupid to be stuck with the curl..

Thanks for your insights :-)