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I buy new fresh kodak and fujifilm on eBay, one seller from the U.S. have gotten from before, typically others are Thailand, Hong Kong or Taiwan. They have to re-stock to, so there's no dfference really if they are moving a lot of film.

I sure as hell would never pay the rip off prices Australian shops charge. Though Vanbar seems to have a reasonable Tri-X 400 price in 120, so thats alright.
I completely agree. Prices here in QLD are terrible. I want to strangle a cat whenever I hear an American talk about their $2.80 rolls and complain that film is expensive in whatever way. In this city I'd be lucky to get one roll of B&W 35mm/36exposure or 120 film for under $14, that is $12usd!

And it is impossible to get HC-110 without spending $100 or more (but that is for another rant)

That is why I buy 10 roll packs off ebay.