Well, no luck. Midwest doesn't like answering their E-mail and they only list the #4 and #5 lenses. Lens and Repro is a bust too. And well Steve is gone now and if the business stays around it will probably be a while before it is back up at full speed.

Worse yet, my source for lensboards is INSANELY confusing. I have been told that the Ilex #3 will fit a 51mm, 52mm, and 54mm hole! But the origonal literature that came with this beast says the hole needs to be 55mm! Now, I was going to have S.K. Grimes handle all of this, but it looks like I am on my own. I was hoping that with the bountiful amount of Ilex #3s out there (I mean Calumet must have sold THOUSANDS of the 215mm Caltars with that #3 in it), finding one should be easy.

Now I am thinking that I should just sell the damn thing and buy something on EBay that comes in a 4x4 board! Of course this is assuming that the CC-401 took 4x4 boards that would match!