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guilty on all charge

last year's purchases:

24 boxes of 400nc 4x5 (10sht boxes) 05/07 dating(frozen since purchase in 2003 though). all sheets shot are PERFECT!


this year's purchases so far:

80 rolls of 400vc 220 for ~$3/roll. 80(220)=160(120), yeah, had to upgrade my mini fridge after this little purchase .

basically: watch for what you want, and scrimp and save your pennies(like I do, ALL spare pocket change/ extra money from gas money goes into film and chemistry costs.

I still purchase new film when I have to, but with my limited income as a student(virtually nil right now, I hammer the local high school's dumpsters collecting cans and bottles) but right now its pretty much just efke 25, I'm pretty much set for color film for the next 2-3 years or so.

If you turn them all into pieces of art, I don't care where you get your film, but remember to subscribe to APUG when you get into the big bucks!