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Sorry if I was unclear.
Thanks... Well, the only Strathmore Velour I can find is with the name "inkjet" and even that is not on their current web page I was able to find.

I was only able to pull up 3 images with an image search; 1 of the package and 2 deceptive catch alls that list everything- which I guess is an attempt to raise someones hit count... I don't really know... but the internet is getting way too cluttered with waste...

I just wanted to know what the stuff feels and looks like up close...
the name implies one thing but I am getting the impression
it ain't all dat purdy!

One never knows, though, so I still wish I could actually get some tiny samples of the Strathmore and Hahnemuhle's Velour... to help me judge it's potential value before the confronting the expense of obtaining a real supply.