And he successfully made ditches on side of Fuji Quickload film holder, now Byron list one more holder! Good Job! Walter!
in the mail he said
"Daniel, Attached are photos of my modification for Fuji Quick Load holder. After cutting the two small notches the fit is good. I will expose some film with this in the next few days If weather is good. It is not difficult to do but it must be done carefully and slowly. I do not have small measuring device to see exact measurement in mm. I think you can do this if you get one of these holders. They are easy to find and not so expensive. To disassemble you must remove 6 small screws circled in image #01. Then carefully take apart two half. Be careful with roller it has two small springs that like to jump out. Also pressure plate likes to fall out. The other images show where cut must be made to fit with Byron locks. Let me know what you think."
What I think? I think it is wonderful!