I am amazed at how fast the responses are coming in. Thanks a lot!

The Bessa's do sound like a good option. I wish I try one and see how they respond.

I must say that I have lusted after the Contax and the Mamiyas.

This does bring up a question (that must be covered already somewhere)--what is the advantage of the G2 over the G1? The used G2's are about 2x the price of the G1's.

As to the Mamiya, I see that the 7 lenses are much more expensive than those for the 6. I don't think I can come up with the money for either, but if I did, I would probably be limited to the 6. The draw of the bigger negative is always a big draw for me. My only MF gear now is a baby speed graphic (with some very nice glass) and a Mockba 4. A real MF camera would be great.

Again, thanks for the responses so far,