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Ok I am late but I just sent my Jpegs to Steve today, Gene if you see this could you or Steve confirm that they arrived.

I must say working with a large format camera was quite challenging , but now that I am a total expert with it , all that happens is incredible art is created at the touch of the shutter.

As a printmaker , I must say how incredibly easy and boring exposing film is , in fact probably the most easy part of the whole process.

I hear all these large format knobs talking about their lenses , and gear but really all you need is a pinhole and large sheet of film and then give it to a good printer to make the magic happen.

Steve the matted prints will be in your hands next week.
I am really looking forward to coming to this event, and very happy to find out that Monty probably will not be able to make it.
Hey Bob,

Got the Jpegs today, really look interesting, many thanks for all your efforts, have we converted you to a dark cloth snob?

Monty who?