A colleague at work has brought in a Pentax Honeywell Spotmatic that he has inherited for me to have a look at. By the looks of it, it is in very good condition. The lens (a Super-Takuma f/1.4 50mm) looks clear, the shutter fires ok, focusing is smooth.

The only problem I can see is that the battery cover is stuck. Is there a specialised tool (ie. one that is not a coin) that can get these off? From reading around it sounds like a PX400S battery would be a good replacement battery, if I can get the cover off.

Any thoughts on the quality of these cameras and the lens? f/1.4 seems nice and fast - I just happen to have a roll of hp5+ on me, so I'll take it out for a spin at lunchtime and have a guess at the exposure.

I'm not sure what my colleague wants to do with it - probably ebay it. Is the Spotmatic 'cult' enough to get a semi-decent price for it? Or will it go for peanuts?