I wanted to say thanks to everyone for making registrations so brisk! You folks are great. It's going to be a fine time this year with many returning and an equal amount of new folks that I am excited to meet. So far we have folks from Manitoba to Massachusetts and beyond. Very exciting!

I also wanted to report that the workshops have been filling up quicker than expected and are about half full at this point. The small classes in darkroom printing have filled, but as with all shops, we are keeping an alternates list for the potential openings that may arise. I am going to be officially announcing the event in my newsletters soon, so this is the last reminder amongst the APUGers before that time.

Aside from the workshops as well as some special guest presentations (TBA!), the schedule is still being worked out, so as always, I am looking for participation from those involved. There will of course be the usual portfolio sharing and we are going to continue the tradition of a print swap started by Jeff and Eva Bannow last year, but I am hoping those with special talents, gear, etc will feel free to show and tell. Just let me know and we'll get you on the schedule at a time you can be with us. Also, anyone with gear to sell, trade or giveaway, consider bringing it along as we will be setting up some time for a mini-swap meet of sorts. I know that I have a lot of stuff to add to this and I can't be alone.

Last, but certainly not least... The good folks at the Birchwood Inn are excited to have the telephone ring after a long Northern Michigan winter and are happy that rooms are filling up. I want everyone to realize what this means to a lot of people in the area in these tough times. It is no longer only us camera junkies that look forward to this event, but a lot of the locals that have come to know us. Everyone that has attended in the past has contributed to a great reputation in the area and I can't thank everyone enough for that.

That's all for now! Thanks again and there is more to come.