I have been receiving a steady drip of R19 cards in the mail, along with a few R18 stragglers.

I am putting off my printing for a bit until all the dust settles.

I am renovating the main floor 'front living room' to merge it with a rear 'family room' in our home to yield a room 11'x28' that I hope to be able to seasonally convert to a gallery on occasion for craft cooperative studio tours if I ever quit the day job and take up this mad craft I follow more seriously.

I pulled the drywall on the ceiling down last weekend to allow recessed lighting to be installed. There are too many fixtures to allow the wiring installation to all be just be fished in.

When the roof came down, with it came 45 years plus of dust, along with the original drywall mud sandings construction debris that fell though the slotted sub floor from the second floor when the house was originally built. I have vaccuumed extensively, but the electrostatic air cleaner on the furnace is still snapping away, so I know there are still moe dusties to conquer.

Further to Johnny Walkers comments about lesser postage rates by other than by Canada Post, I am considering a different option. I think I may print two or three prints for each participant on my list , write up the back as though to mail them, but then stick them in a common envelope. I think for the $1.60 I spend to send an interational posting I can get three prints in and be under the weight limit.

Would others be offended to get envelopes with multiple postcards? Apart from loving getting the postcards, I use the exchange to motiovate myself to get down to the darkroom.

If I can discipline myself to print a postcard round of images once a month, and thus build up a cache of prints for say every second postcard exchange then my output would be the same, but I would just get fewer images in return.

There are times when the received post cards I get get glanced at, and they may wait for two weekends or more before I can make time to properly reveiw them. I find that this route leaves me feeling that I have not givent the appreciation that the image makers usually deserve.