Yes, If I had to 'stretch' a smaller format, that would be the film/dev combo. You should se what it can do in 5x4! If you are lucky enough to have a scene where tilt can be used for DOF and you can shoot at optimum aperture (such as f13 on 90mm Nikkor, where it is about 70-80 Lpmm on film).......unbelievable.

My belief in 'real estate' has culminated in 10x8. It is so big and cumbersome that I will be going no further in size. Somehow, tho I don't think I will be needing to search for the finest grained combos! If one needs a tripod becasue of slow film, there is no reason not to stick at least a 6x7 Mamiya 7 on it! Cheap as chips compared to Leica kit; you could buy one for the house, one for the office and one for the car Prices are plummeting at Robert White.....perhaps a Mamiya 8 is on the way (wow, imagine if it was 6x8 too!!!)