My experience is this:

Nice base hue - just a regular white.
Nice gloss when air dried, but a touch less glossy than MGWT
Subtle warmth to image. Very subtle (looks neautral at first glance) but visible next to MGIV which looks cold in comparison despite being neutral.
Great speed (1.5 stops faster than MGWT and about half a stop faster than MGIV).
Does not make the same contrast at the top end as the ilford papers.

Overall I prefer MGWT, largely for the better extreme contrast when I am struggling with a flat neg, but also for the slightly greater aparrent glow/gloss to the images. However, for large prints off 35mm this is an absolute winner as your exposure times remain sensible. Whereas MGWT seems to excel with somewhat flat negs where other papers lack the contrast, the MCC is cracking with high contrast negs where you do not need to work for good deep blacks.

When i re-stablish a darkroom after moving out of this property, this paper will be one of the three in my darkroom (MGQT, MGIV and MCC) giving neutral, warm neutral and warm. It replaces Kentmere fineprint (for me) for speed and has a less stark white base and better contrast.