That's part of my plan, but I just wanted to find the shortest path to the right road. I'm going to start searching the NET for all the info I can on Ciba/ilfochrome chemistry as I'd like to use the stash of paper. The last Ciba print I made was about 8-10yrs. ago and it's still as stunning today as it was then. I know of nothing that can compare to it for color, but I abandon color for B&W and that was the last Ciba print I made. Now that I've completely remodeled my darkroom and installed a new sink, thermal regulated/filtered water supply and a 4x5 colorhead I'm thinking of trying my hand at it again. I'll be 60 yrs. old in a few days and would like to do (and enjoy) some of the things I have been putting off. Lord only know how long I'll be able to flip the light switch in the darkroom. JohnW