Ok so I just made my first 4x5 negs in Maniacs soup. I dissolved the phenidone in iso-propyl alcohol because that's what I had. Just took 4 shots each on tri-x and hp-5. Developed for diffrent times. I am unduly impressed! This was so simple I was seriously doubting that I could actually make negatives. On my initial impression they are SHARPER than XTOL. I can see it no question about it.The negatives are beautiful and I will proof them tonight to nail down my times. I went to the autoparts store and found Ethylene glycol-can I use this instead of the propyleneglycol?
On a more serious note anyone who hasn't tried one of these developers is missing the boat. I'm mixing 3 ingredients and getting great negatives. Not only that; the solution is fresh everytime I make it. I NEVER had Xtol failure but this is easier to me. Do yourselves a favor and try one the variations for yourself
Again-I want to thank Maniac,Mr. Gainer, Jdef, and everyone and anyone who has contibuted to this and the other threads about these wonderful and EASY developers!!!
Regards Peter