I have just started shooting 4x5 but due to some very bad news I'll be moving to a small apartment near the city and wont be able to develop or print 4x5. This is not an urgent trade and I won't consider selling for a month or two in the hopes that things will lighten up. It seems that focusing on medium format would be a good way to continue my hobby and 6x7 is by far my favorite.

For trade
-Wista Field - wooden 4x5 camera
-Nikkor-W 150 5.6 and Copal 0# lensboard
-Polarizer, Red filter, Hood
-7 film holders
-25 sheets of Ilford Fp4 (unopened), whatever remains in my current -opened box
-cable release
-spirit levels
-x10 loupe

Looking for
-Mamiya 7
-Pentax 67
-Fuji 670 with 65mm lens

-I would only be interested in a Mamiya RB67 camera if it came as an outfit with lenses and accessories since I am not partial to the design.

Press cameras, Bronica GS or folders.