This is *THE* most important question any parent can face in bring up children:
What is the proper amount of protection to give them? ... Where is the line between "good" shielding them from psychological *DAMAGE* and ureasonable insulation from reality?

We do not live in a violence-free, ice-cream cone only world. I believe we must prepare our children to deal with "what there is", as much as we wish that they never be HAVE to be exposed to the "mean parts".
One thing is certain, denial does not seem to be anything like the best course of action. War *IS* terrible, horrible. All the talk of "Glory" in the universe cannot change that. How much of the truth about it do we wish - is proper - to suppress?

I just read this: "Violence retruned for violence only multiplies violence - adding more darkness to a night already devoid of stars."

Somewhere, some how ... we try to do the best we can. Most of us do pretty well.