Free load of krap! I have five either krappy or semi-krappy cameras that will go as a lot to the first person in the USA who wants them. All are 35mm. Included are a Capital piece of krap that has a roll of film in it that was there when I got it and I've made a few exposures with it. Maybe you could finish the roll. icam pc 400 clear front piece of krap, PS 25 plastic, made in China, piece, Fujifilm smart shot supreme which offers panorama setting if you like really narrow krappy negatives and a Canon sure shot supreme complete with case. So it looks like I'm offering three krappy cameras and two supreme cameras and that ain't no krappy deal. Satisfaction garranteed or full purchase price refunded, but I won't pay to ship the load back to me. I need to clean out some of my krap . . . and you probably don't have enough. Bill Barber