I have a D2-V and have used it with its baseboard and without it. The baseboard is relatively small, and if you use a large easel (16x20 or bigger) it has a tendency to fall off the edge of the baseboard.

The enlarger should have the mounting flange on the bottom of the enlarger column. You could do several things.

1. Make your own baseboard that is larger than standard. I would use ApplePly which is a solid core material. It's pricey but really works better than plywood.

2. Build your own enlarger table. That's what I did with cabinets on either side of the table. The table has a movable surface so that I can lower the easel to keep the enlarger head at a reasonable height when working.

The problem you will have with an Omega, is the center column has a tendency to move a bit when the lamphouse is elevated (droops forward from the weight). I solved the movement problem by putting two cables that extend from the top of the enlarger center column out on 45-degree angles to the wall. (go to a model airplane hobby place, they have all kinds of small aircraft cable and fittings.)

By tightening and loosening small turnbuckles on the cables you can not only provide additional support for the column at the top, but help bring the enlarger into alignment.