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Got an RB with a 90, a 127, and a 180 that I am thinking about selling. Also have a 250 with a busted diaphragm that can be shot, but will likely underexpose a tad due to one lame aperture blade that closes down a bit more than the rest.

What kind of Wista do you have? You have pix?

I know you think the RB is unwieldy, or whatever you think, but it is really a superior system to the Pentax 67 in nearly every way. Unless you are just stuck on the fact that the P-67 looks like a big 35mm, or need super critical film plane flatness (which you do not, for 99% of what most people shoot), the RB is the way to go, given the market for both systems at this time. The P-67 really does not handle any better IMHO, and they are also more expensive. I like them a lot, mind you, and would love to have a system, but there are many advantages to an RB for what most people shoot.

The main point, however, is that the P-67 really doesn't handle any easier to me. I would not agree that it is the better hand held camera.

Not trying to sell ya...just talkin'.

I had an RB67 for a bit, loved it, loved the lenses, will probably get another at some point in the future, but at the moment, I'm too much of a poor student to afford two 6x7 systems and I find the P67 to be more portable and a far faster solution for the sort of street work I like to do. Were I a landscape man or a studio shooter, I'd have held onto the RB.