Greetings All.
I started photography in the late 60s and was advised by a Pro friend to purchase a Mamiya C3. Results were stunning!! Despite the facts of flexibility with lens combinations, added porofinder, lens hood and pistol grip, I soon tired of the weight of this outfit when travelling abroad ( Japan mainly, so no trouble getting parts or service). Ten years on I stumbled across an advert for a 'pre loved' Rolleicord Va plus green filter, X2 sets ' close-up' lenses for the tidy sum of $35 Aussie. Needles to say I bought the lot and have not been dissapointed. A little TLC and this unit works as new. I cannot differentiate the quality of the photos from either unit , but find the weight difference appreciable. ( to the point where I also carry a Contax 35mm Unit on my travels). I now have the Mamiya as a fixed Studio Unit. So if a Rollei comes up for sale my advice is Go for it. You won't be dissappointed.