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What is great about this combination is that unlike, say a 50 or a 100mm Macro lens or a prime lens-extension tube combination, there is no loss of minimum focus distance nor of infinity focus, so one can (say with the TC+ a 100mm prime lens combination) maintain a reach of 1 metre (or more), whilst still having a magnification of 1:2 (or progressiviely less, if reaching out further). It also blurs the background beautifully, bringing the subject to the fore (much more so than with, say, a 50mm 1:2 magnification Macro lens.)
What you say above isn't really correct.

The OM Zuiko range of Macro lenses includes 3 lenses (50mm f/3.5 macro, 50mm f/2 macro and 90mm f/2 macro) that will all focus between 1:2 and Infinity so these three lenses can be used as macro lenses and as a normal lens.

The "bellows" lenses can't be used like this but they will provide 1:1 and higher magnification which you can't get with the former 3 lenses I've mentioned.

Anyway, I recommend getting hold of an OM Zuiko 50mm f/3.5 Macro, as they are cheap, and also excellent as a standard lens. Like you say, it's great to have the ability to close focus and still have infinity.